Troides oblongmaculatus (Goeze, 1779)

Morobe Province, Papua New Guinea; 8/81  ssp. papuensis    male  (Leg: J Holden)

   Widespread and usually quite common in New Guinea and surrounding islands west to Sulawesi. A number of subspecies have been described from island populations;

    thestius - Saleyer Island. Common
    celebensis - North and South Celebes - apparently quite rare
    bouruensis - Buru island. Common
    oblongomaculatus - Ambon, Ceram, Saparua. Common
    bandensis - Banda island. Common (but a rarely collected island)
    hanno - Gorong, Watubela, Kasiui, Wirmaf. Rare in collections, but not likely rare in its habitat.
    papuensis - New Guinea, Yapen, Biak, Kai