Troides minos (Cramer, 1779)

India, Nilgiri Hills, coll. Bollino     male 

   Endemic to South and West India, primarily in the E and W Ghat ranges, from sea level to 7000 feet. Reported as "locally abundant" and flying year round with  a peak in June/July (Haugum and Low). It has been suggested based on close similarities in adults and immature stages, genitalia, as well as the range, that minos should be regarded as the westernmost subspecies of T aeacus. I tend to believe this, but have listed it here as a full species do to popular demand/tradition. Indeed, minos was described before aeacus, and that would, as Haugum and low point out, make aeacus a subspecies of minos! Protected in India throughout its range, but declining due to human development.