Troides (Ripponia) hypolitus (Craper, 1775)

Ceram Is, Indonesia; 5/97 ssp hypolitus male  (specimen from Insect World)
Ceram Is, Indonesia; 5/97 ssp hypolitus  female   (specimen from Insect World)

    Widespread and common from Celebes Is. east through the Moluccas North to Talaud and south to Ceram and Buru Islands. Tends to be a coastal low altitude species found frequently in coastal scrubland and forests. Several subspecies have been described including:

    hypolitus -  Ceram, Buru, Ambon, Bachan, Halmahera, Morotoi, and Ternate Is
    sulaensis - Sula Is
    caelicola - Banggai group
    cellularis - Sangir, Talaud, Butung, Saleyar, and Celebes