Troides helena (Linnaeus, 1758)

W Kalimantan; 5/69  ssp. mosychlus
Bali Indonesia  ssp mannus (male above, female below)

   Wide ranging from Indochina south and east through Indonesia, numerous subspecies have been described for nearly every island on which it is found. Most populations are abundant where found. Some 20 subspecies / forms have been named including:

    cerberus - India Burma and the Malay Peninsula
    euthycrates - Tonkin Is
    spilotia - S China And Hong Kong
    heliconides - Nicobar islands
    ferrari - Andaman islands
    typhaon - N Sumatra
    isara - Nias Is
    nereis - Enggano Is
    mosychlus - Borneo P. Banggi
    bunguranensis - Natuna and Bunguran islands
    helena -Java, Krakatoa, Madura, Bangka, Kangean Is
    mannus - Bali
    nereides - Bawean island
    antileuca - Kangean island
    saggitatus - Lombok
    propinquus - Sumbawa Island
    hephaestus - Celebes, Saleyer, Kabeana, Sula and Peleng Islands
    mopa - Butung islands
    neoris - Tukanbesi Island