Troides amphrysus (Cramer, 1782)

Mt Salak, W. Java Indonesia; 4/98  (Specimens from Insect World, CA)
Mt Salak, W. Java Indonesia; 4/98    (Specimens from Insect World, CA)

    Found throughout Indonesia west of the island of Celebes. Six subspecies: flavicollis (Borneo), euthydemus (Sumatra), rufficollis ( Malay peninsula), vistara (Batu Islands SW of Sumatra ) and niasicus (endemic to Nias Island SW of Sumatra). The nominate race (pictured) occurs on Java. Widespread though local, it inhabits forested hills from sea level to over 4000 feet elevation. At higher elevations in Java it is replaced by T. cuneifera. A forest canopy insect in general, but may come to the ground to visit flowering plants in late afternoon. Males are fast on the wing and territorial nervous insects, while females are more subdued in general. Cameroon Highlands populations seem on the decline. Most races are now being bred commercially, particularly in W Java and Malaysia.