Papilio ulysses (Linnaeus, 1758)

Halmahera, Indonesia; 6/96 ssp. telegonus This specimen is exceptional (not typical) in the richness of the blue Rabaul, New Britain  ssp. ambiguus female
Manus Island, Indonesia  July 1990  ssp gabrielus Santa Isabel Island Solomons ssp??
Misool Is ssp dirce male Trobriand Is ssp telemachus
Guadalcanal ssp orsippus same data female

   Common and widespread from the Moluccas east to the Solomon Islands and south to Australia. Females are larger in general with less blue and a duller color. Fifteen or so subspecies at least are described, including:

    ulysses - Ceram, Ambon
    morotaicus - Morotoi
    telegonus - Bachan, Halmahera
    dohertius - Obi
    ampelius - Buru
    reikoae - Manipa
    melanotica - Dampier
    psychon - Waigeao
    oxyartes - Aru
    denticulata - Biak
    dirce - Misool
    telemachus - Trobriand
    autolycus - New Guinea
    gabrielis - Admiralty islands
    ambiguus - New Britain and New Ireland
    georguus - New Georgia
    ? ssp?? - St Isabel Solomon islands
    nigerrimus - Bougainville
    orsippus - Guadalcanal
    joesa - Queensland Australia