Papilio pelaus (Fabricus, 1775)

Blue Mountains, 1200 meters, Jamaica; 7/81  ssp. pelaus Rd to Rancho Arribo near Nizao, Dominican Republic June 27 1988  ssp imerius
Prov Santiago, Cuba  Aug 1935 ssp atkinsoni Prov Santiago, Cuba  Aug 1935 ssp atkinsoni female
Thanks to Jim for the atkinsoni photos!

   Known from eastern Cuba, Jamaica, and Hispaniola, eastern Puerto Rico, and NW St Croix. Local and often rare, but may be locally common at times in Jamaica and the Dominican Republic. Prefers wet montane "rain" forests. The Cuban race has prominent red on the HW. A swift flier and very difficult to find in good condition.
           imerius - Hispaniola,  Puerto Rico, St Croix. Locally common in the Dominican Republic, but rare and very local in Puerto Rico and St Croix. The St Croix population has apparently survived the devastation of hurricane Hugo in 1989 as the larva was found feeding on  cultivated tangerine  trees in Feb 2000 (No adults were seen.)
           atkinsini - Cuba very local and not common
           pelaus - Jamaica (shown above), locally common