Papilio isodorus (Doubleday, 1846)

Tingo Maria, Peru; 4/97 Tingo Maria, Peru; 4/97
Calima Valley Colombia ssp pacificus "N. Peru"; 2/95   transition form to ssp flavescens (true flavescens has white HW spots).

   A Transandean species found from Costa Rica south to Bolivia in mountain valleys / forests. A few subspecies have been considered full species by some (rhodostictus in particular.) I believe there is clearly a cline that can be seen in long series from Costa Rica to Peru, and that there is no good justification for singling out one or two forms as full species based on clinal variation.
           rhodostictus - Costa Rica to Panama
           pacificus - West slopes of Andes from Colombia to Ecuador
           nymphaeus - Central valleys in Colombia
           brises - East slopes of Andes in Colombia
           flavescens - E Andes in Ecuador and N Peru
           isodorus - E Andes from central Peru to Bolivia