Parnassius charltonius (Gray, 1853)

Aram-Kungey River, Tadjikistan ssp romanovi female Aram-Kungey River, Trans Altai Mtns, South Kirghyzia 3600m 7/98 ssp romanovi male
Kashmir 3800m ssp sakai female Aberation Kashmir 3800m ssp sakai
W-Tibet, Mandthata Mts ssp. charltonius /td> W-Tibet, Mandthata Mts ssp. charltonius female
Lahoul Hills 2000 meters, India June 1930  ssp deckerti female

    Narrow range in NE Afghanistan, N Pakistan, SW USSR (Kirghizia, Tadzhikistan), N India/Kashmir and W Nepal to the western frontiers of Tibet. Rare in collections and difficult to capture, it flies over steep rocky or clay slopes near glaciers, rarely settling on the ground. Average altitude is from 3500 to 4200 meters, and it is a sun-lover. Some 17 subspecies have been described.