Papilio ascolius (C & R Felder, 1836)

Choco, Colombia; Feb 1980 ssp. ascolius Muzo Colombia female ssp ascolius
"NW Venezuela" ssp. motilones "W Ecuador" ssp. rosenbergi ????
Chiriqui, Panama  May 1916  ssp. zalates SW Costa Rica near Panama border; May 2007; Female ssp. zalates
Rio Dagua, Colombia  July 1980  ssp. daguanibus   male Rio Dagua, Colombia  July 1980  ssp. daguanibus female
Rio Mira Paraniba Ecuador Feb 1897, 3200 feet "very wet for dry season" ssp. rosenbergi Leg.: Rosenberg Same data, caught at 3500 feet. ssp. rosenbergi Leg.: Rosenberg

    Found from Costa Rica south to Colombia and east to the Guianas. Generally not common, and quite rare in Costa Rica the southern parts of the range.  Many feel that ascolius should be classified as a  subspecies of zagreus, and the zagreus subspecies, motilones, is felt by some to be an intergrade form, though I feel it belongs with zagreus and ascolius is sufficiently distinct to be classified as a full species. The Northernmost population falls under the subspecific name zalates; populations from W Colombia represents subspecies daguanibus, and the variety from SW Colombia and W Ecuador is the (rather rare) rosenbergi.