Parnassius apollo (Linnaeus, 1758)

Moscow, Russia; July 1997; Photo courtesy of Ilya Opislov  ssp merzbacheri Telemark Norway June 1975 ssp norwegicus
Punta de la Ragua, Grenada; July 10 1973 ssp. nevadensis ssp brittengeri

  Widespread with numerous subspecies described, "the Apollo" is listed as protected under section II of CITES as of 1977. Found throughout Europe and most of Asia with records as far East as Western China. Populations in Europe are isolated at rather high altitudes (sub alpine) - it is apparently a glacial relict which has undergone extensive subspeciation due to isolation of individual populations after the last ice age. Some subspecies from Western Europe have become extinct due to environmental destruction, but the species as a whole is not threatened, and can be quite common at times. Apparently numbers are declining in the former Soviet Union.