Meandrusa payeni (Boisduval, 1836)

Assam, NE India  July 1960  ssp. evan female Assam, NE India  July 1960  ssp. evan male verso
Tuak, Thailand April 1999 ssp langsonensis
Kalo Hill Sumatra ssp cimenius recto Tapah Hils, Malaysia; June 1988 ssp cimenius verso

    Widespread but uncommon ranging from India to China and south through much of Indonesia. The species spends most of its time in the forest canopy and is therefore rarely seen unless drinking at puddles. Sadly, the nominate race may already be extinct - it was known from west Java which is now heavily populated and deforested. Several subspecies include:

    evan - NE India
    amphis - S Burma
    hegylus - Hainan
    langsonensis - Laos, N Viet Nam, N Thailand
    cimenius - N Sumatra, malay Peninsula
    brunei - Borneo, SE Sumatra
    payeni - Java