Eurytides thyastes (Drury, 1782)

Boca de Chajul, Chiapas, Mexico; 6/95  ssp marchandi
Upper Huallaga River Valley, Peru; 6/95  ssp thyastinus Mineas Gerais, Brasil Dec 1977 ssp thyastes

   Rain forest from SE Mexico to SE Brazil but absent from the Guianas and East Brazil. Several subspecies.
        occidentalis - cloud forests of SW Mexico in the Sierra Madre del Sur
        marchandi - E Mexico and Yucutan south to Honduras. Formerly regarded as a distinct species.
        panamensis - Nicaragua and Costa Rica to Colombia and N Ecuador
        thyastinus - Foothills of the Andes south to Bolivia east to Rio Tapajos in Brazil
        thyastes - central and SE Brazil