Eurytides lysithous (Hubner, 1821)

Joinville, Brazil; 5/81  ssp rurik female Joinville, Brazil; 5/81  ssp rurik male
Rio Natal, SC, 850 m.a.s.l. Brazil; Feb 1977  ssp lysithous Rio de Janiero Sept 1968  ssp harrisianus
Barra de Sao Joao, Rio De Janiero, Brazil; Dec 1 1968 ssp harrisianus form platydesma Rio de Janiero, Brazil; 12/62 ssp harrisianus form platydesma
"Rio, Brazil"; ssp harrisianus form lucius type specimen Rio de Janiero, Brazil; 12/64 ssp harrisianus form oedipus

    SE Brazil, locally common.  Ssp. harrisianus, known only from the coast around Rio de Janiero, may be in danger of extinction, as is its local Parides model Parides ascanius.
        sebastianus - lowlands of Bahia and Espiritu Santu to Rio De Janiero
        harrisianus - coastal Rio de Janiero
        rurik - Southern ES to Paraguay and Rio Grande do Sul
        lysithous - overlaps with form rurik, more common in upland populations
        eupatrion- Santa Catarina to N Argentina