Chilasa clytia (Linnaeus, 1758)

Chaing Mai, Thailand; 5/91   form janus Nicobar Island  May 1921  Leg: Wm. McMullen   ssp flavilinus

    Generally common from most of India east through southern China and south through Thailand and Malaysia, the Philippines, and parts of Indonesia. The Sunda island subspecies seem to be rather rare. As with other Chilasa, the females are less often seen. It is odd that the species seems to be absent from Sumatra, Borneo and Java yet flies east of these islands in the Sunda group (Moa, Timor, Alor, Flores). Subspecies include

    clytia - Indochina, Hainan, Hong Kong through the Malay peninsula
    palephates - Luzon, Mindoro, Mindanao, Marinduque, and Batan ( also likely from other Philippine islands)
    panopinus - Palawan
    echidna - Timor, Alor, Moa
    flavolimbatus - Andaman Islands
    flavilinus - Nicobar islands
    takizawai - Flores