Bhutantis mansfieldi (Riley 1939)

Kongashan, Sichuan, April 1984; 2000 meters elevation. subspecies pulchristata Male. Photo courtesty Panganiban.
Female, same data as male.  Photo courtesty Panganiban

     Bhutantis mansfieldi is the most primitive of the Bhutantis species. Until recently it was known only from the three specimens collected in 1918 in Yunnan China by Mansfield, but in 1981 was rediscovered in Sichuan on Mt Gonga (near Xinxing City). In the early 1980's quite a number on specimens were broughy out by Japanese expeditions, and many were sold at high prices. In the late 1980's it was listed  (with the other Bhutantis species) as appendix II of CITES requiring permits for capture and export/import/sale of specimens. It is apparently common early in the year (Spring) where found, but is quite local and so far has not been found outside of Sichuan Province and the initial records from Yunnan China.